The Sora Lake House ~ “Finale”

Less than a month ago while in the home stretch of pulling the lake house together, the area was hit with what they call the 100 year flood.  We actually could have added a motor to the back of the … Read More

The Sora Lake House ~ Part 2

What have we been up to the last couple of months? Well, this.  This is how we are spending our weekends in between family events.  Never in my mind while deciding to purchase a “weekend” getaway  that we would turn … Read More

The Sora Lake House ~ Part “1”

So,This happened! THE SORA LAKE HOUSE ~ 2019 We began this adventure two years ago.  We are now for the most part, working empty nesters.  Would I love to drop everything and head to the beach..absolutely.  But, thats not possible … Read More

Happy Weekend!

The Cincinnati Travel Sports & Boat Show came to town and we chose the perfect weekend to venture out before the weather turned. If you are in the market or just dreaming about owning a boat this show is the … Read More