Moving Tips and Tricks!

Moving can be so stressful! Especially if you’ve lived somewhere for a long period of time or you move pretty frequently. For those that perhaps haven’t moved in a super long time like myself, you might be unfamiliar with how to pack, what to pack or simple ideas to make it easier for you and your loved ones. Below are my top 12 moving tips and hacks to help remind you as well as keep your sanity calm during the process.

1. Leave clothing on hangers & cover with trash bags


The best method I found is to group about ten hangers/items of clothing together, cover with a trash bag and then secure hangers together with a zip-tie. This method makes it so easy to pack up an entire closet. Not only does it keep the clothing clean, but it also saves money since there is no need for wardrobe boxes.


2. Have an “open-first” box so you have everything you need for the first night


I’ve put together a checklist of essential items you may need for the first night in your new place:


*Toilet paper

*Paper towels




*Disposable plates, cups, and utensils

*Trash bags

*Shower curtain and hooks

*Pillows, sheets, and blankets


Pro tip: Fill up your trash can with these items instead of a box so you’ll also have a place for trash!


3. Use clothing, blankets or towels to wrap breakables.


Utilizing items you already own like scarves to protect breakables will protect them from getting damaged if they move and save you time since you’re going to have to pack those things anyway.


Pro tip: Stick your glassware inside individual socks to cushion them


4. Try buying several clear storage bins as well instead of only packing with cardboard boxes so it is easier to see what’s in them. You can also use them later on for garage storage. I realize they are more expensive, but they will definitely come in handy later on.


5. Label with different colored duct tape instead of writing directly on the box


You can keep the boxes looking neat by only writing on the tape and assigning a different color to each room so the movers (or anyone really) will know exactly where each box should go.


Pro Tip: List some specific items that are in the box on the label as well. This is especially helpful when it’s full of miscellaneous items.


6. Label the side of your boxes vs the top


This is an especially important tip for cardboard boxes- then you are able to see what’s in them even when stacked.

7. Schedule to have groceries delivered to your new place on move-in day! Then you don’t have to take a whole bunch of food with you, you won’t have to worry about going grocery shopping, and you’ll have fresh food!


8. Remove dresser drawers with contents inside and wrap with plastic wrap


This makes the dresser so much lighter to move, you won’t need to use any extra boxes or unpack them. You just unwrap, put the drawers back and you’re good to go!


9. Pack cleaning supplies last


If you’re needing to clean your old home before you move you’ll want to wait until everything is cleared out, so it’s best to pack that box last.


10. Tape bolts & screws to furniture


This is to ensure that pieces do not get lost, but also so you won’t have to worry about looking through several boxes to find them in order to put your furniture together. Grab a Ziplock baggie, add the bolts & screws and tape the baggy to the back of that specific piece of furniture.


11. Fill up your suitcases!


Since you’ll need to pack them anyway, utilize the bags you already have. This will save money on boxes (or the hassle of finding boxes) and make awkward items much easier to carry.


Pro Tip: Pack up books or anything heavy in rolling suitcases so you aren’t having to carry heavy, bulky boxes.


12. Use vacuum sealed storage bags for big, bulky items


This is essential when it comes to bedding and big winter jackets since they take up so much space. The storage bags will be really useful later on, as well, for seasonal items that need to be stored away after the move.



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