Cars Cars Cars!

Quick trip to Orlando took us to the Mecum auto auction.  I must say its a totally different trip than the beach but I’ll do anything for my husband!  He was so in his element! mecum No cars were purchased … Read More

2020 A Year of Ups and Down

Ok, so its been a hot minute since I’ve posted.  What can I  or cannot say about 2020!  So much happened and so little happened.  I had so many plans……. it was supposed to be a year of travel!! Downside … Read More

Vacay at Playa Largo before Covid-19

This was our first Vacay of 2020.  Isn’t that sunset gorgeous!  Little did we know then what would forever change in a matter of weeks from what we thought was normal. How I wish we could go back and change … Read More

Vacation 2020!

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller. I’m so excited to share our vacation destinations for 2020!  Finding the perfect outfits to fit that destination is key to staying comfy and … Read More

Fall Decor

We have a least a week left before the calendar declares FALL!  I got a jump on the outside porch – – One of my favorite spots to decorate each season. I shopped several places locally for both inside and … Read More