Happy Weekend!

The Cincinnati Travel Sports & Boat Show came to town and we chose the perfect weekend to venture out before the weather turned. http://cincinnatiboatshow.com

If you are in the market or just dreaming about owning a boat this show is the place for you to consider.   The show certainly delivered the most stellar outdoor recreational sports!  Canoeing, Kayaking, Paddle boarding,Water Sports, Backpacking, Winter Sports, Zip Lines, Rock Climbing, Off-road riding, Spelunking, Biking, Adventure Destinations and more!

Two of my favorites.  Can you guess the prices?

Top I’m wearing is perfect for the bitter cold temps https://www.dudley-stephens.com

I did promise the girls that I would join the women’s summer golf league so my husband and I visited the golf venue in hopes to find a set of clubs.  So many vendors but I found a great set of clubs.  Only pink shafts will do.