Nordstrom and Amazon Prime Day Sale Wrap Up + Fall picks!

Good Sunday evening friends,  as this week comes to an end, I thought I would share some of my favorite purchases from both Nordstroms anniversary sale and the Amazon Prime day sale.  I must admit I didn’t find what I was hoping for but did come across a few must have items.



My number one pick was this Travel makeup train case.  I usually pack a smaller bag for makeup and then several plastic zip lock bags full of my lotions and potions.  I couldn’t believe that this bag fit everything.   It also comes in many colors and I was able to snag it for under $15.  I believe the current price is $19 but still consider this a good deal and there are several colors to choose from.

So your typical bluetooth earbuds can run you at least a $100 bucks.  I scored these for less than $30 and the quality is really good.  I look forward to not having to untangle my ear buds ever again!

I found these cute flowy dresses for $18 and I can actually wear them as a tunic.  I chose a mocha color and this signature pink.  These will be great for fall!

This next dress was not part of the prime sale but the price and style still made it a stellar purchase. This dress should be in your closet!  Good news is that there are several colors to choose from and an amazing price of $22!



I look forward to this sale every year.  I have snagged such great sales over the years for both myself and family. This years sale I must admit was slim pickings, but I did snag one of my favorite designers purse in my signature pink.  This cute crossbody bag will be perfect for my lighter trips around and about.


I can’t even think of fall right now with the current temps but take a look at these must haves.  Versatile pieces to carry you through 2019 and beyond.   Unfortunately this stellar Panama hat is currently sold out but hopeful to be back in stock to complete your fall look.



XO ~ Pam




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