The Sora Lake House ~ Part 2

What have we been up to the last couple of months?

Well, this.  This is how we are spending our weekends in between family events.  Never in my mind while deciding to purchase a “weekend” getaway  that we would turn into “Chip and Joanna Gaines”.  Well, maybe Joanna. So one thing leads to another and the deconstruction began.

It started out simple like deciding paint colors and carpeting.  Then somehow it took a turn to — hey lets tear out the kitchen and start fresh.  Yes, ok, what?

Install dates for flooring get pushed back and discoveries after the demolition makes “us” realize we might be in a little over our heads.  Ya, think?   I’d like to also mention that we’ve become the local Menards number ”1″ customer.  Yeah!

Thank goodness for a great contractor who could possibly give Chip Gaines a run for his money.  What a difference shiplap walls can make.  Cabinets are installed and I’m loving the white, it has brightened up a small space.  Now we are  just waiting for the countertops to be ordered and installed.

Stay tuned for the completion – We are in the home stretch!