Fall Decor

We have a least a week left before the calendar declares FALL!  I got a jump on the outside porch – – One of my favorite spots to decorate each season.

I shopped several places locally for both inside and outside decor.  Berns our local garden center display’s the most beautiful home grown mums around. https://bernsgardencenter.com

The pumpkins came from our local farmers market McMonigle Farms. It’s been a thrill to see them grow.  https://www.facebook.com/KDMCMONIGLE/

I did walk away with a great tip on how to preserve a squash or pumpkin if you purchase early on in the season.  Mix Clorox and water and apply.  This is supposed to take care of the bacteria on the pumpkin.  Good to know.

Heres to Fall, y’all!