Home Improvements 2019!

Nothing like a new washer and dryer putting a major crimp in your 2019 budget.  But, thats exactly what happened Dec 31.  What a daunting task it is to google consumer reports on what the best appliances are, but off to Lowes we went with some advice from the repair man.  My goal was to focus on the two brands the repair man suggested.  Do you know how hard it is to ignore those enchanting features the pricier brands offer?

So after seeing our options I just went with my gut.  I chose a middle of the pack and went with a Whirlpool.  American made and also sister to the Maytag.  No judgements on the other brands but those dazzling features they offer also look like a nice little repair ticket in the future.

I was happy that delivery only took a few days, miraculously they worked us in and took 4 days. I’ve had the appliances now for two days and I must say I’m very pleased that I went back to an agitator.  I can see a difference how clean the cloths are and no signs of cloths getting stuck.

So I get asked a lot  about the dryer balls that I use.  They are wool, and you can find them at Walmart or Amazon.  I usually use up to 3.  I find that we don’t have as much static with our cloths and they are environmentely friendly.  I add essential oils like lavender to enhance that fresh laundered smell.



Our laundry room was moved to the basement several years ago after we remodeled our kitchen.  I really don’t mind the exercise up and down those stairs. Great glut work out!  We had to remove the hand rail in order for the machines to make it downstairs.  This was perfect timing to install a new hand rail.  So glad we did it looks great!

I hope whatever laundry appliances you have may they last or out last you.  Probably not going to happen but my best advice is go with your gut.  It’s easy to get caught up with all the features they offer but your also going to pay a price.  Seek advice from friends who maybe have made recent purchases or your reliable repair man.  Happy Washing!!