Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

Perfect  Chocolate Chip Cookie Ingredients *1 cup softened salted butter *1 cup white sugar *1 cup packed brown sugar *2 tsp pure vanilla -(Pam’s Pure Vanilla listed below) *2 large eggs *Make sure butter and eggs are room temperature preheat … Read More

Spring Break 2022

 I remember the good ole days of High School and College Spring Breaks.  To the Beaches of Florida and not a care in the world except maybe meeting a cute boy and the weather sunny enough to bring home a … Read More

Moving Tips and Tricks!

Moving can be so stressful! Especially if you’ve lived somewhere for a long period of time or you move pretty frequently. For those that perhaps haven’t moved in a super long time like myself, you might be unfamiliar with how … Read More

Cars Cars Cars!

Quick trip to Orlando took us to the Mecum auto auction.  I must say its a totally different trip than the beach but I’ll do anything for my husband!  He was so in his element! mecum No cars were purchased … Read More