2020 A Year of Ups and Down

Ok, so its been a hot minute since I’ve posted.  What can I  or cannot say about 2020!  So much happened and so little happened.  I had so many plans……. it was supposed to be a year of travel!!

Downside was that I contacted the virus ( No taste No smell) tried my best to keep everyone healthy while going into survival mode, our office shut down so we worked from home, we all invested in that dreadful mask and made it a game out of who could come home with TP.  The upside for the first three months was that I built a covid closet – FULL OF TOLIET PAPER!!  We seemed to glide through most of this pandemic thinking every week its getting better then bam another hit.  I woke up every morning trying to stay positive and wondering if this is the day it’s over.

So, we had a family trip scheduled for the Bahamas.  Obviously borders were shut down so we made a quick trip to Florida to see our besties.  Following all covid protocols we managed to have a glorious trip to the beach!

Summer creeps in and covid decides to stick around…..too many deaths to imagine. Our parents were constantly on our minds and we did everything we could to run errands for them so they didn’t risk their health.  We were so lucky that none of them caught the covid.  However,  my mother who had been struck with a stroke 4 years ago decide it was time to take her leave. She passed away July 3, 2020 she was 77 years young.   It was quick as her heart couldn’t take anymore strain.  I can’t comprehend the tremendous grief that fell upon our family.  I still pick up the phone to call her.  Below is the photo I took on Mothers Day weekend 2020.  She didn’t like her picture take much since the stroke but something told me to set this up.  My awesome friend had this canvas made for me.  It sits by my bedside.

The rest of the summer was spent at our lake house and we took advantage of purchasing a new pontoon and enjoyed that fine Ohio humidity.  All in all what was left of summer we made the best of it.

Here comes October and our 30th wedding anniversary. We started off in Sea Island, GA. and ended up in Charleston  Not much has changed, some restrictions have been lifted like restaurants expanding their capacity and hotels opening back up.  So off we go to the most picturesque vacation.

My first stop is of course to take my picture by the pineapple fountain thanks to a complete stranger.  I made the day trip in while Mike worked.

We took time to explore , eat and take in the scenery of Sea, Island and Charleston.  We were so happy to meet up and have dinner in Charleston with our old neighbors.  Charleston looks great on them.  If you have never been to Charleston Go- don’t stop just Go!  So much history and culture to visit and take in.  It’s on repeat once this pandemic is over!!

So on to 2021….I have so much to talk about already so stay tuned!


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